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With T-Rex request to exit detector and PB-EXIT control button, Kantech creates a new standard and provides a complete solution to exit detection and door surveillance for access control applications.

The T-Rex is a sophisticated and cost-effective request to exit device for all access control applications and an alternative to installing an exit button. Outstanding innovations such as X-Y Targeting and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) implementation make the T-Rex the fastest and most reliable exit detector on the market.

The PB-EXIT is a spring loaded momentary 2″ square ¬†exit button mounted on a stainless steel single gang outlet box cover. It is typically used as a request to exit device in access control applications where a quick and easy method of exiting a secure door is required.

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Kantech Exit Control Devices



  • Zone of detection easily adjustable with pinpoint accuracy
  • X-Y Targeting targets a specific area of detection
  • Unlocks or shuts door automatically
  • Hands-free, no buttons to push
  • Integrated 90 dB local door alarm sounder independently controlled by access panel
  • Infrared detection coupled with DSP prevents false “Door Forced Open” alarms
Kantech Exit Control Devices

PB-EXIT Button


  • Exit signal dispatch to access control system
  • Mounts on a single gang box
  • Contacts are UL listed with 10 amp capacity

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