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Kantech multi-technology readers offer a flexible approach for supporting a range of proximity and smart card technologies on the same access control system. It’s an ideal solution for transitioning to secure smart cards over time.

These multi-frequency, multi-modulation and multi-protocol readers are also suitable for a mixed environment where smart and proximity cards are in use at the same building. This is a future-proof solution whereby firmware updates will ensure that today’s reader is ready for tomorrow’s card technologies.

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Kantech technology readers & cards

Proximity Readers & Cards


  • Compatible with dual-encoded 26-bit Wiegand and Kantech Extended Secure Format (XSF) proximity cards
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) ensures quick and reliable card reading
  • Readers have weatherproof, vandal-resistant design for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Some readers offer two-factor verification (PIN plus card)
  • Bicolor reader LED and piezoelectric buzzer
  • High security XSF offers over 4 billion unique code combinations
  • Some cards are suitable for dye sublimation printing for photo ID badges
  • Keytag is resistant to cracking/breaking
  • Attach the adhesive-backed tag to any non-metallic card or device to create a proximity card
Kantech technology readers & cards

Biometric Recognition

Bioscrypt FingerPrint Reader Features

  • Secure, reliable and affordable
  • Stores up to 10,000 templates
  • Supports full biometric mode (fingerprint only) or combined mode (card plus fingerprint)
  • Fast fingerprint enrolment

HandKey II Reader Features

  • Uses field-proven hand geometry technology
  • Analyzes the features of a person’s hand, including its width and height as well as the length and width of its fingers
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • For indoor use
Kantech technology readers & cards

Multi-Technology Readers


  • Reads more than 12 different types of proximity cards and contactless smart cards, including ioProx with Kantech XSF
  • Uses encryption and custom keys for secure transmission of card data
  • Download new functionality or enhancements for a future-proof solution
  • Optional keypad for two-factor verification
  • Built-in tamper switch provides secure installation
Kantech technology readers & cards

Receiver & Wireless Transmitters


  • Four-channel receiver can be matched to a button on the transmitter
  • Long read range – up to 45m (150 ft)
  • Encrypted code ensures high level of security
  • Two or four-button transmitter with optional integrated ioProx tag
  • Indoor/outdoor use
Kantech technology readers & cards

Mag-Stripe Readers


  • Integrated membrane keypad (POL-2KP)
  • Four easily configurable output modes
  • Built-in tamper switch, piezo buzzer and bi-color LED
  • Weatherproof design for either indoor or outdoor applications
  • Small size provides mullion mount, wall mount or single gang electrical box mounting plate
  • High endurance head assembly provides over one million reads
  • Tough polycarbonate case
  • UV protectant prevents discoloring
Kantech technology readers & cards

Barcode Reader


  • Reads the most common bar code formats, including Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC/EAN, Codebar (use POL-1CN Polaris-2 magnetic stripe cards or others)

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