The 21st Century Classroom

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The days of pen and paper are coming to an end. Searching frantically for that set of notes you wrote 3 months ago will no longer be a problem in the 21st Century Classroom. In this new age of technology, students can be immersed in their own world, learning in their own way, and completing school assignments in a way we couldn’t have ever imagined.

To most, seeing a classroom full of grade 4 students with a tablet in their hands seems ridiculous, but it is the way the world is moving. Teachers can set up secured accounts for each student, each connecting to their own personal cloud, where all their thoughts, ideas, notes and essays can be stored and found with 1 click (or touch). Parents have access to real-time grade updates, sent to their email the moment the teacher marks the test. No more waiting for report cards only to find out your child really doesn’t have an A in math (like he has been saying all year), but is rather failing. What is making all of this possible? Microsoft has launched a new campaign to integrate technology into the classroom setting, called the Microsoft Education Empowered Program.

One of the most futuristic software programs that Microsoft has engineered is Microsoft Office for Students, called Office 365, or O365. Unlike the regular lines of the Microsoft Office software, 365 is 100% on the Cloud. Students and teachers have access to their grades,  notes, and homework assignments, whenever and wherever. With Microsoft’s Office program OneNote, students can take notes, record the teacher, and never have to worry about losing their notes or files. If you need to find a certain set of notes, all you have to do is type in a keyword and all the notes you took and lectures you recorded related to that word or subject will be nicely made into a study guide.

Microsoft and its partners understand how expensive bringing technology into a school can be as schools don’t often have it in their budget to buy 300 tablets. Microsoft, along with Dell, Asus, Acer, and Lenovo have created a line of affordable systems for schools, with a starting price of $249. Lenovo in particular has a few systems I would like to talk about that are geared towards the education market. The Lenovo ThinkPad YOGA is perfect for students that learn in a hands-on way. The screen flips 180 degrees around, turning a regular laptop into an all-purpose tablet, perfect for all the Microsoft education Apps that are available. Lenovo also has their B Series laptops. These laptops are built for students on a budget, starting at a low price point, with the option to upgrade the specs to meet your individual needs.

With how fast the world of technology is changing, it can be difficult to decide what is best for you with all the options available. Whether you are looking for a tablet for your child or starting university and looking for a computer to measure up to your needs, here at PlanetCom we can work with you to make finding the right technology seamless, painless, and even enjoyable!

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