Computer Repair & Maintenance

Boost Your System’s Speed, Security & Performance

PlanetCom can help improve the speed and performance of your computers with our specialized services.

A slow system plagued with pop-up windows and unable to perform certain key functions may be an indication of a virus or spyware infection. We will perform a thorough assessment of your machine to determine what is causing your problems. Once the issues have been identified, we will not only fix them, but make recommendations on how they can be proactively prevented moving forward.

We also offer a full range of laptop repair services including a wide range of software and hardware fixes.

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Service Features

Virus removal.
Spyware removal.
Malware removal.
Software & hardware upgrades.
Data backup & recovery.
Resolve network connectivity issues.
Supply & install new LCD panels for laptops.
Supply new batteries and AC adapters for laptops.

Don’t Let Technology Get You Tangled…

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