Network & Server Setup

Comprehensive Server & Network Implementation

PlanetCom specializes in various forms of network servers whether they be email servers, data backup servers or 3rd party application servers. We can do everything from building the server to wiring your office for all your network needs. While onsite, we will install the server and verify that it performs according to its quality standards.

Once testing is complete, the PlanetCom Representative works to familiarize your staff with key features of your particular network, and demonstrates how to perform important tasks, such as security policies and product updates.

You have the opportunity to work alongside our security experts as they gather and review business requirements, configure and tune the system, and create custom policies that address your unique network and business demands.

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Service Features

Crucial planning, implementation, tuning, and knowledge transfer.
Security expertise in developing a sound implementation and management strategy.
Policies tuned to match your business objectives.
Enhanced communication among the teams responsible for the implementation, integration, and management of the appliance.
Greater security awareness within your organization.
Faster deployment time.

Don’t Let Technology Get You Tangled…

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